Future Group Home Mission & Approach

Future Mission

Our Mission is to empower teens to have positive productive lives through specific programs, behavior education and experiences.  Our future goal is to provide  community outreach services to teens who struggle with the following:

Behavioral Disorders

Bullying Issues

Youths at-risks

Our vision is teens becoming self-sufficient adults, equipped with the capacity to continuously evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually; building strong family units; developing a strong support system; and contributing to community life

We believe youths and teens who have serious behavioral disorders can recover and we believe that hope enables growth and change to occur. Thus, our services are hope filled, recovery oriented, and designed to help those with a behavior disorders reach their goals and dreams and live meaningfully in our community.

Early service provision focused on educating the community to dispel the myths about mental illness and decrease stigma through advocacy efforts to ensure appropriate recognition and treatment for those suffering from mental illness.

Our future group home facilities in the year of 2021 will be an essential building block for many in recovery. The services are designed to provide smooth, effective transition from treatment to independent living. Residents enhance social, independent and daily living skills by interacting individually and in groups developing new ways to cope with the symptoms and impact of their illness.